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    Teen Wolf - [3.20]

    "Try to remember I’m a werecoyote that murdered her own family. I won’t judge. I promise."

  • Tyler Hoechlin at Comic Con 2014

  • *throws confetti*

    I am now a co-admin to an RP Blog <3

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  • you have no idea what you are, do you? the wailing woman. 

    a b a n s h e e.

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    The One with the Cuffs ;)


    "You cannot leave me here,” Stiles hisses.

    "I’ll be ten minutes, tops," Derek promises, sliding on his deputy jacket and grinning roguishly. "I’ll make it worth your while."

    "No, Derek!" Stiles gestures to the door, still closed, thank god, but with the rest of the damn police department milling around outside. "Someone might come in!"

    "Someone might have come in half an hour ago when you were blowing me on my desk," Derek smirks, "Didn’t stop you then."

    "I wasn’t half naked from the waist down!"

    "I was."

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    jeff davis definitely 

  • anonymous asked: allison argent + winter colours

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    I missed two solid weeks of these so now I feel bad. I’m sorry this is kind of a rush job but I literally just got home from SDCC and I’m trying super hard to catch up! 

    This giveaway is going to be a little different since I want to give people more than just a few hours to enter - so rather than ending tonight I’ll end it on Wednesday.

    • Someone is going to win a lacrosse hoodie
    • Any size, any character (new characters are coming soon-ish)
    • Shipped anywhere
    • Like and/or reblog to enter! Don’t spam or be a jerk because it’ll break the notes and ruin my day. 
    • This giveaway ends on WEDNESDAY, JULY 30th at 10 PM, PST.

    !BONUS! This week’s winner will also get one of the SDCC EXCLUSIVE BEASTIARIES. I managed to grab a couple extra at the con. The beastiary and the hoodie will ship separately but to the same address, free of charge. 

    As always, hoodies are available here.

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