• send me unpopular opinions and i can only agree or disagree

  • harry20l2:

    aries: fearless as hell
    taurus: reliable as hell
    gemini: talkative as hell
    cancer: dependable as hell
    leo: powerful as hell
    virgo: smart as hell
    libra: friendly as hell
    scorpio: strong as hell
    sagittarius: real as hell
    capricorn: loyal as hell
    aquarius: weird as hell
    pisces: nice as hell

  • fireflystilinski:





    boys…i have a hint 4 u: black skinny jeans

    and beanies

    and glasses

    And plaid shirts with rolled up sleeves


  • If they’re holding, he’s asleep. If we go back to the hotel for a few minutes, he’s asleep. We’ve mic’d him while he’s been snoring. He sleeps any time he can.

  • *hugs*,obvi you were too good and made them look bad

    Obviously, I am too fabulous.

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  • you live your life with a coulda, shoulda, woulda
    take a look at you now

  • Had a bit of an emotional day, basically got dismissed from work (y)

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  • starblaine:

    Marvel’s Chris Crisis (Chrisis) do the ice bucket challenge * * *

  • Aw my Pokémon team:

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